Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is what usually comes to mind when someone thinks of therapy: one-on-one psychotherapy treatment between a trained professional and a patient. Also known as talk therapy, this type of treatment has a decades-long track record of helping people dealing with grief, anger, depression, and other painful emotions work through their feelings.

How individual therapy works at First Responders First

Everyone’s journey to recovery is different, which is why we customize an individualized treatment plan for each first responder who comes to us. Each resident is seen individually each week for psychotherapy which may include EMDR, giving them the opportunity to focus on their personal agenda and address issues for which they are not comfortable sharing in group settings. The various types of individual therapy that we offer include traditional talk therapy, as well as:

Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)

At the core of EMDR treatment is the understanding that emotional trauma can be worked through and healed much like physical trauma. By focusing on the past, present, and future, clients can focus on traumatic memories while building the skills needed to build a positive and healthy life.

Independent Reading Program

At FRF, we encourage our residents to read (or listen!) to books during their stay here. These books help everyone stay educated on the challenges they face and the techniques we can all use to work towards recovery. 

Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness

Mindfulness meditation and yoga have existed in human culture as a form of emotional and psychological healing for millennia. 

One-on-one treatment designed for first responders

We believe that first responders deserve first-class care. Our confidential programs are tailored to provide the emotional and psychological care required by men and women on the front lines. Take the first step towards a healthier life for you or a first responder in your life: call (888) 252-5767, email, or contact us online.