Getting Out of The Woods.

We'll give it to you straight: the inpatient program at the Ranch is often just the first step towards recovery. The work will continue—along with family and friends—to start building the next chapter in your life. When we started graduating residents, we found existing aftercare options fell short. There was no aftercare facility that offered the kind of first-responder-centered recovery community that made the Ranch so successful. So what did we do? We built our own.

The First Responders First Intensive Outpatient Program in East L.A. is an extension of the Ranch, delivering all the things that make the Ranch great—but a lot closer to home. The IOP offers daily programming to aid the transition out of residential treatment, and amenities to encourage a sense of community and just give you somewhere to recharge. Additionally, the IOP expands our treatment offerings to outpatient treatment as well as our traditional inpatient program.

The Ranch aids recovery by offering structure... and then you're back in the world.

Theme of The Day is just one way to bring structure back.

Motivation Monday

Group will focus on staying motivated and on target with their treatment.  Learning different coping mechanisms, life fulfillment strategies, setting and achieving personal goals. Managing acute stressors, continuation of meditation and journaling for continued healing.  Finding a mentor or support person to assist in walking the journey.

Talk-it-out Tuesday

Creating a safe space to discuss difficult topics.  Learning healthy ways of communication. Grounding techniques when faced with conflict.  Being intentional in fostering a collaborative work environment with colleagues.  Finding new ways of bringing communication back into the home with family.  Removing the stigma of mental health and substance use.

Wellness Wednesday

Establishing new ways of coping with stress, family, finances and sobriety.  Learning creative ways to incorporate healthy nutrition, exercise, and stress management.  Reinforcing new skills and techniques to promote a sober living lifestyle.  Self-care and promoting positive emotional health, incorporating new, healthy, personal hobbies.  Building extension of support system, managing time responsibly and creating a healthy balance.  Mind, body and spirit.

Thankful Thursday

Living with gratitude and expressing positive affirmations through groundwork and mindfulness.  Being intentional with thoughts, actions and words.  Promoting positive thinking and attitudes towards a lifestyle change.  Creating a mindset for success .

Family Friday

Learning to mend and rebuild relationships with spouses, children, co-workers and friends.  Focusing on healthy relationships and creating a healthy support system that nourishes the soul.  Integrating sober senses in the home and workplace.  Parenting and relationship building.  Family reunification and maintaining a clean-living space at home and at work.

Treatment Offerings at the IOP.

We offer a full schedule of outpatient therapeutic treatment, with two morning group sessions and two afternoon group sessions each day, along with individual therapy.

Amenities at the IOP.

We built a haven in the city. Come by for services, to spend time with your group, or just to get away. The IOP is a luxurious space with a lounge, kitchen, pool table, foosball, arcade games, climbing wall, board games, coffee & tea, quiet areas, training areas, meeting space, and more.

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