Independent Reading Program

Residents use certain books (or audio books) while they're here so they can get up-to-date information on the challenges they face like alcoholism or PTSD. We offer different types of reading material they read independently, talk about in groups. We use the info in those books as a shared frame of reference.

Depending on the resident’s primary focus in treatment, selected books are assigned for independent reading to assist the resident in gaining a better understanding of his treatment issues and process. For those dealing primarily with alcohol, The ALCOHOL EXPERIMENT: a 30-day alcohol-free challenge to interrupt your habits and help you take control, by Annie Grace is assigned for daily reading. THIS NAKED MIND, also by Annie Grace is given as additional reading. Specific books for law enforcement: EMOTIONAL SURVIVAL FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT, by Kevin Gilmartin, and books related to fire service are provided to firefighters. THE FOUR AGREEMENTS, by Don Miguel Ruiz is used to reinforce the concepts illustrated in the psycho-educational groups. The residents are routinely asked to share their progress in reading and discuss points made in their reading during the book study groups. 12-Step recovery literature is available to all who want it, and the concepts of 12-Step theory are integrated into the treatment program.