12 Step Facilitation

Twelve-step programs, first invented by Alcoholics Anonymous, are likely the most well-known strategy for individuals battling addiction to drugs or alcohol. At First Responders First, we provide 12-step facilitation therapy as an active engagement strategy designed to help our residents join and stay actively involved in 12-step self-help groups.

How 12-step facilitation therapy works

During their stay here at The Ranch, our residents experience the high-quality treatment, care, therapy, and community that they need to help them abstain from addictive substances. But what happens after they leave to return to their everyday lives? That’s where the work of 12-step facilitation therapy comes in.

1. Acceptance

We help our first responders understand that substance addiction is a chronic disease, not a moral failing. Residents are taught to accept that they can’t control this disease through willpower and that abstaining is the best solution.

2. Surrender

After the understanding that individual willpower isn’t enough, we help residents surrender to a higher power and the community of fellow recovering addicts. 

3. Involvement

Prepared with the education of the process they learned at First Responders First, our residents are set up for success to stay involved in 12-step programs when they return to their regular lives.

Take the first step

Our 12-step facilitation therapy is just one of many treatments we offer first responders. If you’re ready to make the change you or a loved one need for a better life, contact us today. Call (888) 252-5767, email admissions@firstrespondersfirst.com, or contact us online.