Stan Sorenson

Lead Therapist

Born and raised in California, Stan Sorensen survived some turbulent childhood experiences including physical, emotional and sexual abuse; school trauma; and then the ravages of active duty in the US Navy during the Viet Nam war. Upon discharge from the Navy, he found himself lost, alone and deeply depressed, living in a foreign country suffering with serious bouts of hopelessness and despair. Alcohol and isolation seemed to be his only relief from pain. Fortunately for Stan, he read a book on recovery that inspired him to seek sobriety and healing, which then led to a career as a mental health professional. For the past 50 years, Stan’s journey from despair has taken him through a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Sophia University in Tokyo; a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and licensure as a MFT in California; 10 years of practice in an acute care hospital; 6 years overseeing residential treatment for children and adults; 10 years of work in psychosocial rehabilitation; and 9 years of creating and directing a healing center for adults recovering from childhood abuse and other life traumas with an emphasis on holistic treatment, integrating treatment of mental, substance, and physical disorders.