A Guide to First Responder Treatment

First responders are the modern day heroes. Police officers, firefighters, and EMS professionals who place their lives on the line to keep everyone safe are all considered first responders. They deal with high levels of trauma as well as stress every time they go to work. While we as a society rely heavily on their courage and tenacity, these professionals aren’t invincible. They’re at risk for the same stress induced physical and mental disorders as everyone else. Post traumatic stress disorder and addiction are among the many things first responders can suffer from.

Because first responders deal with a level of stress that’s almost unimaginable, there are specialized treatment services available designed specifically to help them combat addiction. Specialized treatment is recommended for any first responder battling addiction.

What is a First Responder Treatment Program?

A first responder treatment program is an addiction and substance abuse treatment plan designed to help first responders. The program focuses on some of the reasons why first responders abuse drugs and alcohol in the first place. One reason why is first responders witness tragedies first hand on a daily basis. While the average person may experience one tragedy throughout their entire lifetime, first responders are living them every day.

If there’s a disastrous car accident or major collision, first responders arrive at the scene within minutes. Accidents as such have high rates of severe injuries that first responders have to triage at the scene. First responders also respond to mass shootings, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters. If there’s a hurricane, flood, or earthquake, first responders are there to help.

Once the adrenaline wears off and the crisis is at ease, first responders can feel the need to turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with the aftermath. These exact situations are focused on in first responder specific treatment.

How does this Treatment Program differ from others?

This treatment is different from other treatment programs because the staff is well equipped to deal with trauma and stress. At First Responders First, our Program Director & Clinical Psychologist is an expert on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), she completed her Doctoral Clinical Dissertation on it. Our Lead Therapist served in the US Navy and has also battled addiction. Even our in-house chef served in the military. We are a pet-friendly facility because we know how important our furry friends are to first responders. We’re able to help first responders because we know exactly what they’re going through.

When a first responder arrives for help to our facility, a trained professional does all of the intake work. Comprehensive medical exams and specialized treatment plans are also determined upon arrival. We’re dedicated to helping save the lives of those who save lives.

The benefits of a First Responder Treatment Program

There are many benefits to a First Responder treatment program:

  • This treatment program is going to help first responders express their needs around like minded individuals
  • This treatment program is going to help first responders develop stronger ties with their support systems and networks
  • This treatment program is going to help patients form strong bonds through family therapy sessions (every client at First Responders First is offered this)
  • Patients in this treatment program are going to be taught how to spot the signs of PTSD including cravings for drugs and alcohol
  • This program is going to assist first responders in developing hobbies and other interests outside of the work that is going to help them cope with the nature of being a first responder

Allow us to help you with your addiction treatment

First Responders First is an 1100-acre executive state-of-the-art substance and alcohol abuse treatment program created exclusively to serve First Responders. We are located in the breathtaking mountains of the Angeles National Forest which provides an unparalleled backdrop for the treatment of addiction disorders in first responders. We will leverage all of our resources to help first responders battle their addiction and return to society as quickly and safely as possible. If you are looking for mental health and addiction treatment options, then please contact us today!