Online Intensive Outpatient Program for First Responders

Thanks to the prevalence of high-speed internet and online devices, the world is more connected than ever. At First Responders First, we embrace the possibilities that technology offers, which is why we are now proud to offer our fully online Intensive Outpatient Program for first responders.

If you are unable to call First Responders, please use the below form to submit a confidential message to our admissions staff. Our staff will get back to you as quickly as possible. Your inquiry is very important to us.

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The Covid-19 pendamic taught us the importance of finding ways to connect virtually,and there are numerous reasons besides a pendamic that someone might not be leave their home to receive addiction treatment.For example,you may be:

Our online IOP also allows us to reach first responders around the country who might not otherwise be able to stay with us in California.

Online group therapy on the road to recovery

Our online IOP also allows us to reach first responders around the country who might not otherwise be able to stay with us in California.In our experience, the most effective way to work towards recovery in a virtual environment is through group therapy.First Responders First's group therapy is aimed at facilitating grief and loss,trauma resolution, skill-building, and self-care.With the guidance of our trained clinicals,
you will be able to heal alongside your brothers and sisters from the comfort of your own home.

Most Importantly , you are far likely to connect in our group therapy sessions as opposed to other treatment programs, because you will be sorrounded by first responders just like you.

How does Virtual Intensive Outpatient Treatment work?

We want to make your process of joining our online IOP as smooth as possible.Here's what you can expect:

Sign-Up and pre-screening

You will go through the same admissions process as any other first responders interested in joining us <a href="">determine if you qualify</a>.and verify your insurance.
To get started with our admission director right away,you call us at <a href="tel:882525767">(88)252-5767</a> to start your pre-screening.

Online Group therapy Details

Once you've been accepted to the program, we'll get you set up for regularly scheduled Zoom video calls with group.We use a hybrid in-person/online program, so some of you group will be on campus with us at The Ranch and others will be online.

Virtual Therapy Schedule

Your personal therapy schedule will depend on the level of care needed.Some of our first responder start with a monday-thought friday schedule , meeting five a days ,three days a week ,etc.

Group section typically last from 9am to 3:30 pm with breaks and lunch throught.

There is no reason to put your recovery on hold

With our online group therapy designed for first responders , you no longer have to wait on recovery just becuase you can't visit intensive outpatient program in person.

If you are ready to learn more and get started with our virtual IOP and group therapy, call our Admission Director at <a href="tel:(888)252-5767" or contact us online for more info.First responders First is here for you.