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Have you ever abused substances while alone?
Have friends and/or family members expressed concern about your substance use?
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Has your  substance use been a source of conflict in your marriage or with your  boyfriend/girlfriend?
Have you  lied to a doctor in order to obtain prescription medications?
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Has your  substance use negatively impacted your performance at work or school?
Have  you stolen substances, or stolen money or property in order to buy  substances?
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Have  you awakened after using substances with no memory about what you did while  you were high?
Have you  used one substance in order to intensify the high from another substance?
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Have you  used substances as a way of dealing with stress, pressure, and other negative  experiences?
Have you  tried and failed to reduce the amount and/or frequency of your substance use?
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When  you try to stop using, or when you can’t use, do you start to feel sluggish,  sick, agitated, or depressed?
Have you  lied to friends or family members about the amount and frequency of your  substance use?
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Have you used substances in order to wake up  in the morning and/or to go to sleep at night?
Have you  used one substance in order to recover from using another substance?
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Do you  worry that you might have a substance abuse problem?
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