Keith Goshay


I have worked in the field of substance use disorder for 30 years. My professional credentials are CADC-II, I completed my academics at Saddleback College in Orange County California in 1995. I have certifications in anger/stress management, motivational interviewing, screening/assessments, parenting, and cognitive behavioral interventions for substance use disorder. I am also an experienced teacher of rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT) which is my preferred modality of treatment. While the knowledge, experience, and certifications I have acquired over the years contributes to my efficacy as a clinician the most powerful attribute I have is my personal recovery (almost 30 years). I have effectively managed privately owned and non-profit social model residential/IOP substance use disorder treatment programs for over 20 years. These agencies provided services to a wide array of clients who suffer from substance use disorder and mental health issues. I initially started out teaching 1st and 2nd offender DUI classes from there I transitioned into providing services and supervising drug diversion programs. In the last 25 years I have had the pleasure to work with a wide variety of populations including affluent high functioning individuals to those in prison with special needs such as “SNY” and those sentenced to “life” behind bars. All of which has prepared me for my current position of providing services to first responders. I have a special passion for working with first responders because my father spent 36 years of his life serving our country in the military and then another 14 years in private security. I grew up in an environment where a life of service is expected and after experiencing a few slight deviations from that path I eventually embraced the “life of service.” Working with first responders has been the most honorable and rewarding work I have ever done. The opportunity to provide services to those who serve and protect the public is without parallel. My life is truly enriched by the experience.